Our Mission

EVO NUT BUTTER has deep beliefs that food is medicine to the body and when eaten in its natural state. It is delicious and completely satisfying. We are committed to this ideal and live by it through our name. EVO stands for energy, vitality and oneness in achieving our mission of delivering food for health and longevity.

About EVO

EVO nut butters are a complex solution to a simple problem.  I’ve always been a fan of nuts because of the tremendous value they offer through their amazing nutritional quality, taste and convenience.  Unfortunately, I had chronic stomach issues and eating nuts was a problem.

But I loved them and wouldn’t give up my love for nuts.  I researched how to prepare almonds to ease digestion, how to boost their nutrition, and how to make it taste amazing at the same time.  These nut butters are the result of years of experimenting to find the right combinations. 

Using high quality ingredients and unique preparation processes, EVO nut butters capture the full flavor of almonds, pecans and walnuts while giving your body the nutrient blast it needs without the sugar buzz.Now I’m sharing my nut butters with others not only looking for a nutritious snack that is easy on the stomach, but wanting a variety of flavors to satisfy the true nut butter lover.